Who are we?

We are the Barnes family, Joshua, Christina, Emmaleigh, LJ, and our sweet pup Dolce. Joshua and I are high school sweethearts from Summerville, South Carolina. Emmaleigh is our Celiac princess, LJ is our DIPG warrior, and Dolce is our first puppy who is along for this crazy ride we call our life. 

Dolce has been around since the beginning and was a sweet gift for Joshua’s precious high school girlfriend in August 2007. Joshua and I were married in April of 2008, months after he joined the Air Force, the day after my senior prom and days before he moved to our first duty station at Hurlburt Field, Florida. We became parents to princess Emmaleigh in October 2011. PCS’d (permanent change of station) to Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida in March 2013. Emmaleigh was diagnosed with Celiac disease after being one sick kiddo since birth in November 2014. 2014 was also the year we fell in love with Jesus and what true community meant at Core Community Church.  LJ (Little Joshua) was born in May 2015 in Hollywood, Florida because we traveled very far for what we thought was a supportive doctor but that’s a super long story for another time. 2015-2017 we experienced many loses in our family but in our home, we lost our other dog Gabanna Rivers in May 2016 to skin cancer. There were also four deployments and one mini deployment between 2009-2016. Early 2017 we got orders all the way to beautiful Anchorage, Alaska! We were so excited and took an 18-day road trip in August 2017. After living in the sunshine state for 9 years, Alaska was a huge adjustment but one we were excited about! 

Moving to a new place and having had the couple of years we had we just knew the 2018 was going to be such a good year for our family. In February 2018, LJ had an MRI after experiencing some odd neurological symptoms and was diagnosed with DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. We had been through so much and we were pretty sure we could handle anything and everything until we were told our two-year-old son had a brain tumor. So much has happened since that day and I intend to back track and write the details of 2018 but for now we press on and look forward to a very present year in 2019! Which begins with a move to Dayton, Ohio to be closer to LJ’s medical team, and to keep the Barnes, party of Four together and happy for as long as we can!

I know that is so much so here’s our little timeline in bullet form:

  • 2007 Dolce!
  • 2008 married!
  • 2008 moved to Florida
  • 2008 Gabanna
  • 2009 deployment 
  • 2011 deployment 
  • 2011 Emmaleigh!
  • 2012 deployment 
  • 2013 moved to Homestead
  • 2014 deployment 
  • 2014 celiac 
  • 2014 Jesus and true community at Core Community Church
  • 2015 LJ!
  • 2015 Byrd (Christina’s Step-Dad) passed
  • 2016 Deployment 
  • 2016 Gabanna passes 
  • 2016 Christina’s Dad passes
  • 2016 Joshua’s Dad needs heart surgery
  • 2017 Joshua’s Papa passes
  • 2017 Christina’s Grandma passes
  • 2017 move to Alaska
  • 2018 DIPG
  • 2019 move to Ohio