461 Miracles.

LJ turns 4!! May 2019

February 13th, 2018 we were told our little guy had a brain tumor that would kill him in 9-12 months. We celebrated his third birthday as if it would be his last. We were mourning our child on his birthday. Soaking up every present he unwrapped, the way he licked frosting off his fork, the breath he took to blow out his candle. I remember thinking about how we would honor his fourth birthday. And here we were getting to celebrate his fourth birthday WITH him!!

We were almost at 100 days post his life expectancy and LJ was running around excited to celebrate his birthday like any other 4 year old would be! After the awesome trip to LegoLand and then another trip to Florida for Monster Jam World Finals, it was hard for him to choose between Legos or monster trucks. He chose Legos and I was super happy that Dollar Tree had all the Lego party decor!

We were looking forward to Papaw and Mimi visiting for LJ’s birthday, all of our new local friends were joining us too. But the evening before his party, the kids and I were at the store picking up some last minute things and Joshua sent me a picture and told us to hurry home…Torie and her boys had surprised us! I grabbed what I needed quickly and we checked out and raced home! The kids ran inside and found the boys playing in LJ’s room with ANOTHER huge surprise… KYLE AND REMY came too! My friends are amazing. Mimi and Papaw came late that night too! Our new house was bursting at the seams and so was my heart! Oh and our AC quit working so Joshua had to run out to Wall-Mart super late and fix it! Thank goodness for Joshua!

The next morning was party day! With the help our guests we managed to get all set up and the food ready before party time. Seriously could not have done it without their help! Torie took the kids (minus Remy who needed a nap) to the park to get rid of some extra energy before the party started!

The party started and hands down LJ’s favorite part was opening presents. He was so excited about every single one! We had to let him open a lot before the party even started because kiddo was determined! 

During the party Em’s talked Courtney into helping with a lemonade stand. The kid was hustling people to buy lemonade at the party! All the bigger kids enjoyed helping her, including Courtney! lol!

Once LJ opened his PJ Mask costume it was game on and now he was Catboy for the rest of the party!

Singing LJ Happy Birthday was emotional. He was blowing out birthday candles for the 4th time. I couldn’t and still can’t believe how blessed we are to have this miracle present in our lives. 

The kids had such a good time playing all kids of random games including the Lego corn hole boards Daddy and Papaw made! 

So much fun that we even forgot the piñata until most of the guests had left!

We had fun trying to get our house full of wired kids to sleep that night but every single memory made it all worth it. Torie, Kyle, and their boys left early on LJ’s actual birthday, which is Torie’s too. She spent her entire 30th birthday driving from Ohio to South Carolina with three little boys and Kyle. Such an amazing friend. They both mean the world to our family. We got to introduce Papaw and Mimi to our new church, attend the kid’s last flag football game, and swing by Chuck E. Cheese before they had to head down to Cincy to catch their flight home. 

When it was all over and I was able to sit down at Chuck E. Cheese and watch my kids run around and play games (all three of them, lol), it really started to sink in what a miracle it is to have children who are breathing and thriving. Not kids who can behave perfectly or always obey but just little humans that love you unconditionally. These little people are a gift from God and every second that we get with them we should treasure. I will be the first to admit that I’ve taken my position as a mother for granted and even after this hellacious diagnosis I still do! But every birthday, every year that goes by, should be cherished and celebrated! The celebration should start small and be daily. An extra long hug in the morning, a silly song while you are brushing their teeth, a book read in a funny voice, making a mess while cooking dinner together, and definitely unlimited hugs and kisses goodnight will always be remembered. The years fly by and the days seem to drag but it is the mundane moments during the day that count. The everyday love that you show is what your child will remember and you too, if God forbid something happens to your baby one day. LJ being 15 months post diagnosis was a miracle. LJ celebrating another birthday on Earth was a miracle. Every breath your loved ones take is a miracle. Every single day is a miracle. There are 461 days between February 13th, 2018 and May 19th, 2019 or I like to think 461 miracles! 

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