Sorry Dave… We Bought a House!

Our First Home!

Buying a home is a stressful time for anyone but all that anticipation usually goes away when you get keys to your new house. When you are buying a house in the midst of a cancer diagnosis there is a whole new layer of emotion. A few of the thoughts that went through my head as we looked at houses:

  • Where is the nearest hospital?
  • Would EMT be able to get a gurney through the door easily? 
  • Does the neighborhood have kids so that when LJ can’t play anymore, Em won’t be so lonely?
  • Is the living room large enough for a hospital bed and our furniture?
  • Is this house where I want my child to take his last breaths?
  • Would the closest funeral home be the last place I get to hold my baby?
  • Would our 3rd bedroom serve as a guest room one day?

Let those questions sink in for a moment. 

When we were looking for a home in early February the houses would be listed one day and in contract the next. It was frustrating and we were so impatient!  We had been without our bed for close to 100 days! We had a wonderful realtor that understood how bad we needed to be settled and she worked so hard finding us a home. We found one that was well within our budget, but also needed to be heavily renovated. I adored the layout and I was obviously married to Mr. Handyman so I agreed to letting Joshua buy the fixer upper home. Another example, much like the camper, where we agreed to disagree. Lol.

When we were at closing, LJ sat at the big table with us while we did all the paperwork. He proudly flashed the seller of the home and her realtor his port! It was precious and a memory I never thought we would have when we were buying our first home. Em however, was sitting on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie on her iPad! 

We got keys to the house and started pulling off wallpaper within an hour of entering! Our kids ran around and played and you could just feel us instantly become settled despite the work we were about to put in! 

Our kids were rockstars as usual and hung out for hours upon hours while we worked. Jake was at our house just about everyday after work helping Joshua with everything and Heidi would scoop my kids up when she could to give them and us a break. Most of the time the kids hung out in the living room and watched screens, made up games, and snacked. They are the definition of resilient.

The renovations really took care of most of the scanxiety for February. We attended the Dragonfly Gala in the middle of renovations too on March 2nd!

Just a normal Amazon order of a trim puller and gala dress!

Megan, Gabe, Joe and Trish were able to see the house in all its construction zone glory!

The floors were installed the following weekend and the moving truck came with our household goods the next Monday!

We unpacked practically overnight in true Barnes fashion and called our house home mid March! And I began to answer those terrible questions…

  • The nearest hostital was less than 4 miles away.
  • Our front door was wide enough for a gurney. The hall was even oddly wide.
  • The neighborhood did not have as many kids as we wished for but we would soon find out there is a wonderful family down that street that loved Jesus. 
  • Our living room is massive. 

And that is where I have to make a choice to stop answering the questions of what ifs and live in the present. LJ is breathing, alive and well. He ran laps around this house during renovations and I have to hold onto the truth that he is okay right now and thats all that matters right now. We don’t live in denial about the road we are walking but we do chose to live in the moment and not in the past or in the future. 

Right now LJ has the coolest room, fit for a superhero, Em has a beautiful pink princess room, and we have a comfy cozy living room for many memories with popcorn and movies! 

This house took a lot of mental and physical effort to make a home. No one is sure of what the future might bring but we do know that we will grow very close to God in this home and truly that is our greatest wish!

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