Pancakes and Earthquakes

Anchorage, Alaska’s 7.1 EArthquake

Earthquakes in Alaska are not that uncommon. We had felt many little quakes since living in Anchorage and to be honest they were a little exciting. 

On the morning of November 30th, we were all home because Joshua was on swing shift and did not go into work until 3pm. Emmaleigh was in my lap on the big chair, LJ was laying on the couch, and Joshua was making pancakes. Or as LJ calls them pan-y-cakes. We began to feel what felt like a normal small quake. The Christmas ornaments on the tree began to make small noises. I looked at my coffee cup and saw it rippling, when suddenly the little quake turned massive. The whole house began to shake. I had a few pictures on the wall right above Em and I’s heads so I got Emmaleigh to the ground and scooped LJ off the couch. I tabled over them because I really felt as if the house was going to collapse on us all. I remember thinking “oh awesome, Jesus is coming back and we all get to go home together! Hallelujah!!” 

The power went out and that really made Emmaleigh flip out. She was screaming and crying and LJ was surprisingly really calm. As I was tabled over the kids, they were bouncing against my body because the floor was actually rippling underneath us! The back door was shaken open and let what little bit of light Anchorage had around 9am in the living room. After what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a minute or two, everything was still. I texted our neighbors to make sure everyone was okay. Their husbands were on days and they were all getting their kids ready for school. Everyone was fine, shaken but okay!

Walking around our house we were in disbelief how intact everything was! My spices fell, some books fell off shelves, a few picture frames fell off the walls, and the kids bathroom toys fell off the counter. The only thing that was completely irreparable was one of Emmaleigh’s piggy banks. I won’t share her reaction here, but just know it was hilarious! 

Next came the aftershocks…

The original earthquake was a 7.1, there were multiple 5.something aftershocks. They felt really similar and definitely made your heart skip a beat! We would use our Christmas tree to determine if we were just imagining the moving or if the Earth really was shaking again. It would sway gently, but it never fell over, even in the big quake. I grew up watching Hurricanes approach the coast but nothing prepares you for the ground to start shaking! I don’t think the earthquake is something either of our kids, even young LJ will ever forget. He still asks if there will be an earthquake when we make pancakes. Every time he sees a crack in a parking lot he says there was an earthquake. Emmaleigh will tell you how she really doesn’t like natural disasters. 

The earthquake was just another example how God has held our family in the very palm of His hand. He always had and He would forever.

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